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Run your business
without the headache.

IGFirst ERP is your key to true business ownership. Escape the 9-to-5 Trap: Transform Your Job-Like Business into a True Enterprise. Say Goodbye to Inventory Hassles and Late-night "Accounting" Sessions.
Let's talk plain and simple:

Is Your Business Keeping You Up at Night?

Ever wished you could kick back for three months, let your business run itself, and still pocket steady income?
Does it feel like the harder you work, the less your finances grow?
Hold on tight, because there’s more:
Hold on tight, because there’s more:
And here’s the ultimate twist:
If you're nodding along, it's time to bid farewell to these challenges.

The solution? IGFirst ERP — your one-stop fix for all these problems.

Let's transform your business into a streamlined, efficient, and joy-filled venture. Say goodbye to the old struggles; IGFirst ERP is here to usher in a new era of business ease and success.

Picture This: A Business Where...

Your business glides effortlessly, making consistent sales even if you decide to take an extended break.
Your business assets, from funds to inventory and equipment, are safeguarded.

Customers stick around, satisfied and eager to recommend your services to others.

Your workload as a business owner diminishes, thanks to streamlined systems that keep operations running smoothly with minimal hands-on involvement.

Free time becomes a reality, allowing you to cherish moments with loved ones and delve into new projects.

Free time becomes a reality, allowing you to cherish moments with loved ones and delve into new projects.

It might sound like magic, but IGFirst ERP is here to help you weave the same enchantment into your business. Let's turn your aspirations into reality.

We're changing the way
people operate their business

How it workS

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Begin your business transformation by signing up for a free trial. It takes just a few minutes to create your account and access the powerful features of IGFirst ERP.
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2. Customize Your Solution

Tailor IGFirst ERP to fit your business like a glove. Choose the modules that align with your needs, and our intuitive setup wizard will guide you through the process. No hassle, no complexity – just a personalized solution for your success.

3. Enjoy: Experience Growth

With IGFirst ERP at your fingertips, watch your business thrive. Enjoy streamlined operations, real-time insights, and the freedom to focus on what you do best – growing your business.
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Is Your Business Struggling
with These Daily Hassles?

Running a business entails a barrage of challenges that demand practical solutions. If these pain points sound all too familiar, IGFirst ERP is the game-changer you've been seeking:

Manual Financial Tracking Woes

Daily profit and expense tracking eating into your time? IGFirst ERP provides a streamlined approach, offering real-time financial reporting to monitor your business's health effortlessly.

Customer Account Management Headaches

Are overdue payments and account tracking slowing you down? IGFirst ERP simplifies customer accounts, tracking outstanding payments, and automating payment reminders for seamless cash flow management.

Order Accuracy Quandaries

Concerned about errors affecting customer satisfaction? IGFirst ERP's order processing prowess ensures precision, generating packing slips to eliminate discrepancies and enhance customer delight.

Inventory Balancing Act

Struggling to maintain optimal stock levels? IGFirst ERP provides real-time inventory tracking, alerts for reorder points, and eliminates the guesswork, preventing revenue loss from overstocking or stockouts.

Daily Profit Monitoring Necessity

Need to know your actual daily profit? IGFirst ERP delivers real-time financial insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and promptly identify and address financial issues.

Customer Debt Tracking Dilemma

Stressed about tracking what each customer owes you? IGFirst ERP maintains detailed customer accounts, tracks outstanding invoices, and ensures timely payments with automated reminders.

Packing Slip Predicament

Printing packing slips becoming a logistical challenge? IGFirst ERP integrates packing slips seamlessly into its order processing and fulfillment capabilities.

Inventory Optimization Challenge

Struggling to manage inventory efficiently? IGFirst ERP's inventory tracking, real-time stock level monitoring, and reorder point alerts optimize your inventory management.

Order Processing Pains

Is the order-to-cash process causing headaches? IGFirst ERP streamlines order processing, automates order creation, and ensures accurate and timely order fulfillment.

Customer Relationship Management Struggles

Building lasting customer relationships proving challenging? IGFirst ERP's CRM module empowers you to manage interactions, track communication history, and deliver personalized service.

Demand for Daily Financial Insights

Require daily financial reports for informed decisions? IGFirst ERP's robust reporting and analytics tools provide actionable insights into financial performance, sales trends, and more.

Tax Compliance Anxieties

Navigating Nigerian tax laws causing stress? IGFirst ERP automates tax calculations, generates tax reports, and ensures compliance, averting potential legal issues.

Scalability Aspirations

Planning to expand to multiple locations? IGFirst ERP's scalability seamlessly manages operations across different branches.

Data-Driven Decision Dilemma

Seeking actionable insights into customer preferences and inventory trends? IGFirst ERP provides the analytics needed for informed marketing and stocking decisions.

Supplier Management Complexities

Struggling with supplier relationships and orders? IGFirst ERP facilitates efficient supplier management and tracks supplier performance.

Discover How IGFirst ERP
Reshapes Your Business

Tailored for Your Industry. No contracts, no commitments.

What Makes IGFirst ERP Exceptional:
Beyond the Ordinary Software

In a sea of business software solutions, IGFirst stands tall, offering far more than the ordinary. Here's why we are not just another ERP software:


Tailored to You

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. IGFirst ERP is crafted to meet the unique needs of your wholesale business. Customization is not a luxury; it's our standard.

Simplicity in Complexity

Softwares often carries the stigma of complexity. Not with us. IGFirst ERP simplifies intricate processes, making them not just manageable but a breeze to navigate.

Real-Time, Real Insight

Gone are the days of waiting for data. IGFirst ERP offers real-time insights into your business – from financials to inventory – empowering you to make decisions when they matter.

Customer Happiness First

Unlike conventional ERPs, we prioritize your customer relationships. IGFirst ERP’s CRM module isn’t an afterthought; it’s a central pillar, helping you build and nurture lasting connections.

Beyond Inventory Control

IGFirst ERP doesn’t just track your inventory; it optimizes it. Say goodbye to overstock or stockouts – our system keeps your shelves just right.

Profit, Promptly

Daily profit monitoring isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. IGFirst ERP ensures you’re not just aware but promptly informed, enabling swift action to maintain your financial health.

Cash Flow Without the Hassle

Say farewell to cash flow headaches. IGFirst ERP automates customer accounts, tracks payments, and sends reminders, ensuring your cash flow is smooth and uninterrupted.

Precision in Packing

No more packing slip predicaments. IGFirst ERP seamlessly integrates packing slips into your order fulfillment process, ensuring accuracy and boosting customer satisfaction.

Unmatched Scalability

We're not just for today; we're for your future. IGFirst ERP scales with your ambitions, whether you're expanding to new locations or diversifying your product range.

Results, Not Just Reports

IGFirst ERP doesn’t just generate reports; it delivers results. Our analytics go beyond numbers, providing actionable insights for strategic and impactful decisions.

Tax Compliance, Stress-Free

Navigating tax complexities is no longer a worry. IGFirst ERP automates tax calculations, generates reports, and ensures compliance with Nigerian tax laws.

Supplier Harmony

Managing suppliers is integral to your success. IGFirst ERP facilitates efficient supplier management, ensuring your sourcing process is streamlined and effective.

Proactive Support

Your success is our success. IGFirst ERP doesn’t just provide a tool; we offer unwavering support, ensuring you’re not alone on your journey.

People who already love us


Jioke Ugoorji

Before IGFirst ERP, my business was a chaotic mess. I struggled with inventory issues, delayed payments, and a constant fear of losing valuable employees. Then came IGFirst ERP, like a guiding light. Now, my business is organized, payments are on time, and my team is more committed than ever. It's not just a software; it's a transformation.

Iruka Akuchi

Before IGFirst ERP, my business was a chaotic mess. I struggled with inventory issues, delayed payments, and a constant fear of losing valuable employees. Then came IGFirst ERP, like a guiding light. Now, my business is organized, payments are on time, and my team is more committed than ever. It's not just a software; it's a transformation.

Carla Wildner

Employee theft was bleeding my business. I felt helpless until IGFirst ERP stepped in. The insights and controls it provides have put an end to the leak. Now, my business is secure, and I can trust my team without constant worries.

Kevin Kay

Awesome theme! Looks great. Works great. Highly customizable. Excellent support. What more can I say?Couldn't be happier 🙂
Your Key to Financial Clarity and Growth!

Join the journey from unstructured chaos to a balanced and fulfilling entrepreneurial life

IGFirst ERP is not just a software; it's a transformational journey. Before, my business lacked structure, and I struggled to find time for my family. Now, with streamlined operations and efficient systems, I enjoy quality time with loved ones.

Build A Business That Serves You, Instead Of You Serving It

IGFirst ERP isn't just a solution; it's a key to unlocking a balanced and fulfilling life.

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